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FCCU Shutdowns
Catalyst Removal at F.C.C.U. Turnarounds.

USA Debusk specializes in residual catalyst removal in FCCU turnarounds. We have been successful with this process due to the fact that our vacuum equipment can handle FCC catalyst up to 1200° in temperature. Our equipment does not require the unit or product be cooled down before we start catalyst removal. We begin vacuuming the catalyst as soon as the main air blower shuts down and before the units LOTO and blinding is finished.

USA accomplishes this by handling the catalyst while it is still at elevated temperatures, we will bolt on spool pieces to draw points located on the bottom of the regenerator, reactor, spent cat t-bottom, ect, and vacuum catalyst from these draw points while operations does LOTO and blinding. This allows us to remove the majority of the residual catalyst before entry is made. Once entry is granted we will vacuum the remaining catalyst we were unable to reach from the draw points. This allows the catalyst to be removed earlier in the process allowing for a quicker turnover time for the customer.

While we are vacuuming, all of the catalyst will be screened to remove refractory; USA will then pneumatically off load the catalyst back into storage so that it can be reused during start up. This eliminates the cost of vacuum bins and well as the disposal cost of the catalyst resulting in a cost savings for the customer. If the customer wishes to dispose of the product, we can haul it to a reuse and recycling facility.

USA Debusk currently provides Catalyst removal at F.C.C.U. turnarounds for the refineries listed at the left. In the past 10 years USA Debusk has preformed over 75 FCCU Shutdowns.
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